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Pakistan vs South Africa: Head-to-Head Cricket Stats


Cricket is not just a sport but a culture, especially in countries like Pakistan and South Africa where it holds immense importance. The clash between Pakistan and South Africa on the cricket field has always been a spectacle to witness, with both teams showcasing top-notch skills and talent. To dive deeper into the head-to-head statistics between these two cricketing giants, let’s dissect their performance over the years.

Historical Rivalry:

The rivalry between Pakistan and South Africa dates back to the late 1990s when South Africa returned to international cricket post-apartheid. Since then, both teams have faced each other in various formats, including Tests, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

Overall Performance:

In terms of Test cricket, the two teams have played numerous matches against each other. Out of around 27 Test matches, South Africa has dominated with a higher winning percentage. However, Pakistan has managed to secure memorable victories over the Proteas on multiple occasions.

Moving on to ODIs, the competition has been fiercer. With over 80 matches played, both teams have a relatively even record in this format. The matches have been a rollercoaster ride for fans, witnessing nail-biting finishes and remarkable performances from players of both sides.

When we talk about T20Is, the head-to-head record has been quite competitive as well. Despite the shorter format, the intensity and competitive spirit remain the same when Pakistan locks horns with South Africa in T20 matches.

Key Players:

Pakistan has produced legendary cricketers like Wasim Akram, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, and many more. These players have left a lasting impact on the game and have played crucial roles in matches against South Africa.

South Africa, on the other hand, boasts of players like Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, Dale Steyn, and others who have been pivotal in shaping the team’s success against Pakistan.

Memorable Matches:

Over the years, there have been several memorable matches between Pakistan and South Africa. From epic chases to nail-biting finishes, these matches have kept fans on the edge of their seats. Each encounter brings forth moments that are etched in the memory of cricket enthusiasts.

Upcoming Encounters:

With both teams scheduled to play each other in future series, fans are eagerly waiting to witness yet another showdown between Pakistan and South Africa. The anticipation is high, and expectations are soaring as these two cricketing powerhouses gear up to face off once again.


The rivalry between Pakistan and South Africa in cricket is not just about competition; it’s a testament to the passion and love that fans have for the game. With each match, both teams aim to outshine the other, creating moments that will be cherished for years to come.

FAQs – Pakistan vs South Africa Head-to-Head Cricket Stats

Q1: What is the overall head-to-head record between Pakistan and South Africa in Test cricket?
A1: South Africa leads the head-to-head record against Pakistan in Test cricket with a higher winning percentage.

Q2: Who are some key players from Pakistan and South Africa in matches against each other?
A2: Players like Wasim Akram, Inzamam-ul-Haq, and Shahid Afridi have been key for Pakistan, while Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, and Dale Steyn have been influential for South Africa.

Q3: How has the competition been in ODIs between Pakistan and South Africa?
A3: The competition in ODIs has been fierce, with both teams having a relatively even record against each other.

Q4: Are there any memorable matches between Pakistan and South Africa that stand out?
A4: Yes, there have been several memorable matches with epic chases and nail-biting finishes between the two teams.

Q5: What can fans expect from the upcoming encounters between Pakistan and South Africa?
A5: Fans can expect high-intensity matches with both teams vying for supremacy and looking to outperform each other on the field.

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